How do I find my course?

Sheilla Norton
2016-05-02 14:27

When you log into moodle, under the navigation block, there is a link called "My home." On this page you can access all your personal information. You should also see a list of courses your are enrolled in under courses in the same block.

If you are not enrolled in a course, generally you can see a list of available course on the home page. Sometimes you are able to self-enroll in a course if the teacher has allowed it. You may need an enrollment key to do so.

New in Moodle 2.9

A new user interface. In Moodle, for example, this is what we see and click on in the web browser and in our mail programs, and it provides ways for us to access, understand and change the database at the heart of any Moodle site.

The design of such an interface requires collaboration between software developers and users to make it "user-friendly" (and maximise overall usability).

A very important requirement for interfaces is standardisation, which reduces the amount of learning that users need to do to explore the features in the software. Moodle has had informal standards in the past, but we are currently writing a more formal specification (the Moodle Interface Guidlines) to help Moodle's many developers produce a more consistent interface, and remove some of the irregular, inefficient or hard-to-learn interfaces that have crept into various corners of Moodle.

With Moodle, interface issues should be discussed in the forums most appropriate to them - if you wish to raise discussion about an interface in the Chat module, use the Chat forum. If you have a specific bug or request to report, please use the bug tracker.
was created in Moodle 2.9. The My Home page is now called the Dashboard page and is by default the first page you are redirected to when you log in. The dashboard page contains a list of all your courses you are currently enrolled in along with any upcoming events in those courses listed below the name.

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