What do the settings in Gradebook mean?

Sheilla Norton
2012-09-19 20:38

Gradebook Key Concepts:

      • Naming Graded Activities - Remember that the name of the activity determines the width of the corresponding column in your gradebook. The shorter your activity names, the less scrolling you will have to do! We recommend using abbreviated or numerical names (HW1), and putting a more descriptive title in the activity Description.

Naming graded activities

      • Activity Items: The grade column and all student grades automatically appear in gradebook from graded Moodle activities. Grade the activity, don’t post grades in gradebook.
      • Gradebook Items: Not associated with a Moodle activity (e.g. in-class test). Grade is entered directly in Gradebook.
    • Extra Credit – Added to student scores, but not to category or course totals.
    • Aggregate Only Non-Empty – Ignores empty grade items. Calculates running grade based on work graded so far. You must put 0 in gradebook for work not turned in.
    • Drop the Lowest - Within a category, you can drop the lowest n scores. Be sure all items in the category have the same point value, or this is not mathematically valid.
    • Override – If you enter a grade in the gradebook for a Moodle Activity grade item, the grade from the activity is OVERRIDDEN, and will not update or show the grade given on the activity. The cell is highlighted amber to show that an override is in effect. Deleting the grade WILL NOT remove the override: To remove the override, edit the item and uncheck the override box.
    • Hidden Activities or Grade Items - WARNING: These may cause the grade total you see and the grade total the student sees to be different, because hidden items may be included in one and not the other.
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