How do I set-up my Gradebook?

Sheilla Norton
2012-09-19 20:39

Gradebook Setup

    • Default Gradebook
      • If you add graded activities to your course and never do anything to the gradebook, you will have an accurate Running Grade gradebook (Simple Weighted Mean of Grades with Aggregate only Non-empty).
    • Basic Workflow
      • Define course grading rubrick
      • Identify desired parameters (running grades, extra credit, etc.)
      • Determine aggregation strategy
      • Course gradebook settings
      • Main category gradebook settings
        • Aggregation Strategy
        • Total Points
      • Identify & create categories (optional)
        • Aggregation Strategy
        • Total Points
      • Create all Moodle graded activities and set points. These will show up in gradebook.
      • Add any Gradebook items and set points.
      • Category Weighting (optional)
      • Testing
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