How can I test the settings in my Gradebook?

Sheilla Norton
2012-09-19 20:40

Designing and Testing Grade Books:

    • Think carefully about the math involved in combining aggregation strategies. For example, if you combine SUM based and MEAN based categories, the midterm grades will be meaningless.
    • Use Joe Test to proof your gradebook.
      • Assign Roles > Student > Search for Joe Test > Select Joe Test > Click [Add to course]
      • Put grades in Joe’s gradebook (overriding is okay here).
      • Make sure grades add up as desired.
      • Change grades and verify again.
      • You can leave Joe in your course for future testing, or unenroll him when you are done
    • Manually calculate several grades at beginning of term and again before submitting final grades to check gradebook accuracy.
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