How do I grade my students?

Sheilla Norton
2012-09-19 20:41


    • Grading Assignments
      • In your course go to Activities -> Assignments
      • Choose your assignment in Submitted column
      • Edit the student grade by clicking on the link in Status column
      • Depending on your assignment you can grade and leave your feedback
    • Grading Quizzes
      • Most questions are graded automatically by Moodle. Essay questions are graded manually.
    • Revising and Regrading Quizzes
      • You can update the results of your quiz. It is very helpful if you’ve changed some mistakes in your answers and the grade should be re-graded.
    • Grading Gradebook Items
      • Open Grader Report
      • Turn Editing On
      • Enter Grades in upper, solid box
      • Enter Fdbk or notes in lower, dashed box
      Overriding grades
      • You can override the results of any grade items or categories.
      • In your course go to Administration -> Grades
      • Turn editing on
      • Enter desired grade
      • You have to be careful when you are overriding grades, because in this case automatic grading is turned off.
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