What activities are available in Moodle 1.9?

Sheilla Norton
2012-09-17 18:55

  • Assignments allow students to submit work online, including uploading any file type (Word document, PowerPoint, video clip etc.). Lecturers can grade and give feedback.
  • The Chat module allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion.
  • A Choice activity is very simple - the lecturer asks a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses. It can be useful as a quick poll or voting activity.
  • The Database module allows the lecturer and/or students to build, display and search a bank of record entries about a topic. The format and structure of these entries can include images, files, URLs, numbers and text amongst other things.
  • Forums are used for asynchronous online discussion. By subscribing to a forum, participants receive copies of each new post by email. Teachers can impose subscription on everyone if they want to, and in this way can use a forum to contact all students on a course.
  • The Glossary activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of terms and definitions. It can be used to build an annotated list of useful websites or FAQs.
  • The Hot Potatoes module, allows teachers to administer Hot Potatoes quizzes via Moodle.
  • A discussion)
    allows a lecturer to create conditional pathways through material.  It consists of a number of pages, each page normally ending with a question and a number of possible answers. Depending on the student's choice of answer they either progress to the next page or are taken back to a previous page.
  • The Journal is a personal reflective tool.  Student contributions are private and can only be seen by the teacher, who can offer feedback and a grade on entries if required.
  • The Quiz module allows the lecturer to design and set quiz tests, and includes a range of question types and reporting options.
  • A Wiki enables documents to be authored collectively. A history of all contributions and changes is stored and the wiki can be rolled back to a previous version at any time.
  • A Workshop is a peer assessment activity. It allows participants to assess each other's projects, as well as exemplar projects, in a number of ways.


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