How do I upgrade Moodle 1.9 assignments to Moodle 2.x?

Sheilla Norton
2012-10-12 14:44

The Assignment upgrade tool is an administrator tool for upgrading old assignment types to the new assignment module for 2.3.

Note: It is recommended that admins upgrade all existing assignments to use the new assignment module as soon as possible, then disable the old assignment module, to avoid the confusion of having two assignment modules.


Upgrading assignments

To upgrade existing assignments to use the new assignment module

  1. Go to Settings > Site Administration > Assignment Upgrade Helper.
  2. Click List assignments that have not been upgraded to display a list of assignments created in a previous version of Moodle. This page lists the assignments created with an older version of Moodle that have not been upgraded to the new assignment module in Moodle 2.3. Not all assignments can be upgraded - if they were created with a custom assignment subtype, then that subtype will need to be upgraded to the new assignment plugin format in order to complete the upgrade.
  3. Select the assignment(s) you wish to upgrade and click the Upgrade selected assignments button in the Batch operations box at the bottom of the screen. Or click the Upgrade all assignments button in the Batch operations box.
  4. Confirm by clicking Continue.

A confirmation screen will appear. From here you can view the courses with the converted assignments.


New grading options

Versions of Moodle older than 2.2 did not contain Advanced Grading Methods. Likewise all versions of Moodle older than 2.3 did not contain the Marking Guide type of grading method included in Advanced Grading Methods. Owners of any upgraded assignments may wish to investigate the use of the Advanced Grading Methods feature.


Disabling the old assignment module

Once all existing assignments have been upgraded, the old assignment module can be disabled.

  1. Go to Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Manage activities
  2. Hide the Assignments 2.2 module by clicking on the eye in the hide/show column

Teachers will then have only the new assignment module available for selection in the activity chooser.


Restoring Assignments (2.2) into a 2.3 site

Currently, if a course with an old (2.2) type assignment is restored into a 2.3 site which has the old assignment module disabled, it will appear in the restore process but not then appear for the users, causing potential confusion. See the tracker issue here MDL-33952

One temporary workaround if you are going to be restoring courses with old-type assignments is to NOT disable the old assignment module but instead to revoke the capability mod/assignment:addinstance from all users. In this way, the assignment will appear in its original form and may be used, but teachers will not be able to create any new Assignment 2.2 instances.

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